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Small Lot Ethiopian Hambela Natural

Coffee is at the very heart of the culture in Ethiopia; it's at the core of both their heritage and social culture. Although the quality of the coffee produced in Ethiopia is among the world's best and most diverse, the emphasis on quality for internal consumption is largely overshadowed by its role in social culture through the tradition of coffee ceremonies. These ceremonies happen as often as three times a day, an invitation of which is considered a mark of friendship. Coffee ceremonies are treated as the main social event within the village where topics related to the community, politics and just about every area of life are discussed. The peopleĀ inĀ Ethiopia are full of heart and are among the happiest...

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Welcome to the new home of get roasted...locally! We are excited to have launched our new website. Feel free to look around and explore. Here on the blog tab you'll soon be able to find recipes and brewing methods that you can try out at home. So be sure and bookmark our website because we want to be your go-to coffee resource. Let's get roasted! Cheers!

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