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Black Wolf Blend French Roast 12oz.

Black Wolf Blend French Roast 12oz.

$ 14.99


AROMA: Earthy, nutty, slightly smoky & fruity

BRIGHTNESS: Mild-toned yet pleasantly juicy & balanced light citrus (lemon)

FLAVOR: Very complex and earthy with tones of spice, cocoa, lemon, roasted nut and dried fruit

BODY & FINISH: Deep, resonant and balanced with an earthy, milk chocolate (dark as it cools), and sweet cream finish

THIS WOULD BE A GOOD COFFEE TO TRY IF YOU LIKE: Cabernet, Red Zinfandel/ Red & Brown Ales & Stouts

*A rich and spicy blend of Colombian Bucaramanga and Sumatra Karo Highlands, roasted at a light french profile, this coffee is deep and bold with a body that just doesn't quit!  Even at this roast temperature, it maintains it's smoothness along with the sweetness of honey and dried fruits.  Never bitter or burned, it's syrupy and heajvy on the pallet, with a lingering molasses-like finish that cuts well through cream. Yum!


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