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Viennese Blend Medium & Dark Roast 12oz.

Viennese Blend Medium & Dark Roast 12oz.

$ 12.99

VARIETY: Sumatra Typica, Bourbon & Moka

AROMA: Earthy, Smoky, blueberry & cardamom

BRIGHTNESS: Relatively mute w/ punchy jam-like presence

FLAVOR: Earthy, roast & spicy w/ tones of blueberry jam

BODY/FINISH: Deep & Pungent w/ syrupy sweet finish

THIS WOULD BE A GOOD COFFEE TO TRY IF YOU LIKE: Cabernet/Red Zinfindel/Stout & Dark Beer

This is a marriage of 2 of our most popular blends--Dark Horse and Paradise.  Each is roasted separately, then blended together for a Black and Tan look and a flavor explosion!  Smoky, spicy, sweet, and body-driven, the best of both worlds.  It's a match made in heaven!


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