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Colombian Heirloom Medium Roast 12oz.

Colombian Heirloom Medium Roast 12oz.

$ 12.50


AROMA: Vanilla & Cocoa

BRIGHTNESS: Well pronounced yet subdued red berry-fruit  

FLAVOR: Very balanced, slightly fruity and chocolatey, with a honey-like sweetness

BODY & FINISH: Rich & full with a creamy milk chocolate resonance (goes to dark chocolate as it cools)

Twice a year in April and September, we celebrate the arrival of one of our favorite mild, well-balanced classics.  Regarded as some of the highest quality coffees in the world, Colombia’s arabica plants thrive in the semi-shaded, high elevation volcanic soil of the Andes.  These small-farm specialty coffees are harvested on steep slopes by hand at their optimal ripeness, then washed and sun-dried to optimize preservation. A great wake-up coffee!


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