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About Us

About get roasted...locally:

Get roasted...locally is a part of Coffee Roasters Alliance, bringing all the freshness and devotion to quality and detail into your home by partnering with companies like Whole Foods Markets and through direct website sales.

About Coffee Roasters Alliance:

Coffee Roasters Alliance began roasting and training 2010 with a plan to introduce Orlando, Florida to the art and science of freshly roasted craft coffee. Our specialty products come from the top 1% of small-lot coffees grown on quality-focused farms in South and Central America, the Indonesian Archipelago, and Africa. From seed to cup, CRA manages coffee sourcing, development, roasting, distribution, and brewing. We are focused on quality at every level, which means we support our growers, customers, and everyone else along the chain by conforming to standards that promote fair trade and economic opportunity for all. We are proud that the coffees produced reflect a fervent attention to detail at every step, with a truly delicious end result. We take our sourcing and roasting very seriously, believe that freshness is paramount to quality and strive to roast at it's flavor peak. Our growth platform is fueled by large scale companies who provide consistency, among a wide range of applications both domestically and abroad, to the hospitality industry. The bulk of our sales are generated by Sysco Foods and select private distributors, who supply coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices with our specialty products.

 About the Founder:

President/CEO Joey Chase began his career in the coffee business in 1992 while living and working as a volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in Southern Colorado. The need to supplement his volunteer income led to the purchase of a mobile coffee cart. Hence, his initiation into the multifaceted intrigues of the coffee culture began, which was further enhanced by adventuresome travel to remote areas of the world. For the past 20 years he has worked to gain extensive experience in the industry, including all aspects of sourcing, roasting, finishing, retail development, and training within the coffee trade. Joey has established exclusive access to a wide range of exotic cultures in distant coffee growing regions, and is currently producing a documentary series about his travel experiences. You can join his conversation on Instagram