Q: Do you roast to order and, if so, how long will the coffee last before it begins to lose its flavor?

A: Yes we roast to order so, when you order, that's when we roast! Coffee loses 70% of its flavor and aroma just 10 days after its roasted! After about 2 weeks you will really begin to taste and smell a decline in flavor and aroma. It should also be noted that pre-ground coffee does not stay fresh as long as whole bean. Therefore, to maintain freshness longer we recommend grinding at home before each use. However, we understand this is not conducive to everyone's lifestyles or routines. 

Q: How should I store my coffee?

A: Generally speaking, you can keep beans in the bag they come in, in your cupboard, for a week. Some like to decant theirs into a glass container with a locking lid that also has a rubber seal. Once the bag is opened, the clock starts ticking! Every time you introduce air, the coffee loses a little bit of flavor. This is why we use a bag with a valve on it. Roasted coffee gives off carbon dioxide (a process called de-gassing) for a few days after it's roasted. The one way valve allows gas to escape but doesn't allow oxygen to get in. It's better to order smaller amounts of coffee more often to make sure it stays fresh. For this reason, we sell our coffee in 12oz, rather than 1lb, bags and offer free shipping on 2 bags or more.

Q: What about freezing or refrigerating the coffee to help it last longer?

A: We try to discourage our customers from refrigerating their coffee. Coffee acts like a sponge and can take on the aromas and flavors around it. By refrigerating your coffee you are opening yourself up to the hazard of having anything from onion-flavored to cheese-flavored coffee. As per freezing coffee, we, again, encourage our customers to order coffee as needed rather than stocking up so as to ensure the best flavor. That being said, try it yourself. Take some coffee and freeze a little while saving the rest and see what you think. If freeze you must, we'd much rather you freeze a stash of really good coffee in a freezer bag, making sure to squeeze all the air out, than to settle for lesser quality coffee.

Q: Which type of grind should I select?

A: The type of grind you use is dependent on what type of brewing system you are using. For a french press you need a coarse grind. For an auto drip, pour over, or aeropress you want a medium grind which is a bit coarser than table salt. For espresso machines you will need a fine grind. Some brewers allow you to experiment with your grind settings like the stovetop espresso maker or aeropress, for example. 

Q: I want to grind my coffee at home. Which type of grinder should I be using?

A: There are raging debates regarding the best grinders. For most homes, a small blade grinder will serve you well and you can find one for around $20 at your local markets. You will just need to experiment to get the right grind. However, the blade grinder will not help if you want a super fine espresso grind. For that, you need a burr grinder but, beware, they can be very expensive and are not all created equally!

Q: I like strong coffee. Which of your coffees is the strongest?

A: Well that all depends on what you mean by "strong". If by strong you mean high caffeine content then you will want a lighter roast. But, if by strong you are referring to bolder and more concentrated flavor, then a darker roast might be your thing.


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