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Kenya Light French Roast 12oz.

Kenya Light French Roast 12oz.

$ 14.49


AROMA: Winey with hints of mahogany and dark cherry

BRIGHTNESS: Mild berry-like fruitiness

FLAVOR: Very elegant & charismatic with Beaujolais-like winey-ness; hints of orange, raisin and honey

BODY/FINISH: Deep, rich and full with juicy, sweet, chocolatey finish

This new arrival comes from the village of Mweru in the Nyeri region of Kenya.  Situated just north of the capital, Nairobi, the region is known for it's red clay soil and excellent growing conditions for producing some of the best coffee in the world. Mweru's distinctive characteristics are not easily found in other coffees. We roast it slightly darker than many other kenya coffees to bring out the wonderful body and sweetness.  We know you will appreciate the gentle acidity, dried fruit juciness and eccentric beaujolais-like qualities of this highly prized micro-lot coffee! 

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