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Deep Blue Blend Medium & Light Roast 12oz.

Deep Blue Blend Medium & Light Roast 12oz.

$ 15.49

VARIETY: Mainly Bourbon

AROMA: Herbal, nutty and cocoa toned with subtle hints of wild berry

FLAVOR: Butterscotch & brandy-like sweetness with distinctive tones of wild berry

BODY & FINISH: Rich & full with a butterscotch mouthfeel followed by a cinnamon-like sweet cream finish

A truly amazing and unusual blend of Central/South American coffee and dry processed Ethiopian Sidamo.  Each origin is roasted separately at different temperatures then combined, resulting in a "black and tan" blend.  The wet-processed Central/South American coffee is medium roasted and provides exceptional body and depth, while the lighter roasted natural or dry-processed Ethiopian lends a playful brightness and slightly blueberry (that's right!) fruitiness.


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